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Custom ERP Development Company Solution and Services

Enterprise resource planning or ERP Development company services by OBY India It Solution is a multi functional program. This also works as a cross-functional enterprise system which is driven by software. ERP development system gives an organization with a real-time integrated view of its core business processes ranging from order processing, production, inventory management, etc. ERP applications software are effectively integrated with all these processes.

ERP Development Company in Pune

Responsive ERP software efficiently tracks business resources as well as the status of commitments made by the business. If you want to ease your business processes with EPR software, then OBY India is the right place for your requirements to get fulfilled. With a successful track record of delivering the ERP solutions to businesses from different sectors. We are proudly known as the leading ERP software development company.

ERP application software brings a number of benefits for processes that used to run the businesses in a settled way. In today’s competitive world companies are trying hard to make use of their resources to do profitable business. Our ERP system development is based on a strategy to conveniently manage all the data and functions of a company. Our totally integrated system for outsourcing ERP application development brings consistent workflow.

We develop effective information flow among different business functions and also manage connections to outside stakeholders. OBY India follows agile ERP development process which helps to develop a system that is client based and function oriented.

Why Choose OBY India as a ERP Development Company

  • Serves the Organization as a whole

    We are a perfect companion for ERP development services. OBY India is expert in offering a suitable centralized automated solution that includes effective social network, customized datebook, and messaging service. Our ERP software also includes features like time-based log entries and implanted reporting system.

  • Generates Sales and CRM solutions

    With the effective merger of customer insights included with CRM modules. We help your business convey a direct message to your target customer bases. With the integration of the record repository, we complement your business growth by generating reports covering quotations, expenditures, bids, sales and support requests from the vendors as well as buyers.

  • Design Drafting

    At the same time, our expert web designing team will draft a web design and present the same to the client. This phase gives an exact road map for website indicating where each element will get placed. Once the client satisfied with the plan, the web expert starts designing the site.

  • Accounts and Billing

    We offer the ERP system which includes accounts and billing function. This helps business to keep a proper track record of bills generated with different accounts or departments. It also includes most efficient accounting tools using the best practices that help in invoice generations, chart generation, and proper evaluation of taxation’s.

  • Manages inventory

    For your business to run smoothly it is extremely important to manage the inventories in a proper manner. OBY India offers competent ERP frameworks which solve the various related to inventory management. Similarly, it perfectly coordinates with the purchasing department, warehouse management functions, and supply chain system irrespective of your business type. Our customized ERP software helps you handle all of them effectively.

  • Supply Chain Management

    In order to optimize the business value it is important to streamline your business good and services. Our development of ERP system perfectly complements your products and services which help your business to gain a competitive advantage. It is well known that practice that application of a robust enterprise solution not only ensures the free flow of real-time information but also it efficiently manages the logistics, distribution, tracing, and transportation.

  • Human Resource Management

    Human Resource Management is most indispensable area for any organization. Therefore, we offer HRM module that effectively manages employees leave and attendance accounts. It also covers functionality for appraisals, payrolls, and claims on expenses along with performance indicators. In addition to this, we also provide a solution for different businesses whether they small scale or large scale businesses.

Features of ERP Development Services

We are leading ERP development company in India with years of expertise in providing customized ERP software development services. We have a track record of providing easy to use, highly functional, and fully secured ERP software development. Our ERP solutions are not only cost-effective but also they are designed to be multiprocessing software.

  • Competition

    It’s quite true that system development requires a major investment. However, it is important to identify the exact investment area. There are some manufacturers who stick to the conventional methods of the past, while some prefer technology-driven solutions. So, to keep your business process ahead of your competitor businesses. It is crucial for your business to have an ERP system that equipped with the latest functionality.

  • Efficiency

    Complete ERP solution drastically eliminates repetitive processes in your business. It also greatly reduces the headache of manual entry of data. It also brings great efficiency in work. This streamlines business processes making it easier to gather and collect data, irrespective of where the department is located at. We also develop ERP’s that brings higher efficiency and quicker results for your business.

  • Forecasting

    The effective erp development tool required to generate more accurate forecasts. Since the information gathered by the ERP achieves higher accuracy, businesses can easily make realistic estimates and more effective forecasts. Let us create innovative ERP software for your business to stay ahead of the competition.

  • Integrated Information

    With our ERP system your business will no more face any issues related to data. The data which is spread across different databases. All of the information will be centralized in a single location. This allows you can integrate multiple platforms such as your CRM software with the ERP system. It keeps your data consistent and accurate. It also helps you to know your customer, inventory, and order in one place.

  • Collaboration

    It is quite obvious that no one wants to run a business in which each department functioning separately. It is highly important for different departments to complement each other while forwarding own functioning. With our ERP system, your data remains centralized and consistent. It gives no reason for departments to stay isolated from others in the system. Our ERP solution almost covers every single aspect of a business and encouraging interdepartmental efforts.

  • Scalability

    We make sure our precious client gets support whenever they need us. Whenever any question arises in client’s mind, we are there to solve it for you. Our continuous support even after the delivery of the project is what makes us different from others.